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Your Success is our Success. Therefore FUAGO offers a broad variety of products and services.


OX Cloud

A fully hosted cloud platform.

Run in Open-Xchange’s local data centers in Europe. OX Cloud is fully monitored and maintained by OX experts.

Become a OX Cloud Reseller and start selling mailboxes now.


Together with our Technology Partners we offer flexible solutions fitting your needs.

OX App Suite

OX App Suite is a device independent, highly scalable middleware platform that contains groupware, collaboration and cloud-based applications. Applications like cloud storage, document editing, conferencing, email, calendar and much more.

Dovecot Pro

The world’s market-leading IMAP server, OX Dovecot Pro, delivers dynamic scalability, high performance, efficient utilization of hardware and outstanding support.


The Outlook Sync for OX is an Outlook Plugin, which offers a two-way synchronization of events, tasks and contacts between Outlook and OX App Suite.

BMBO Connector

The BMBO connector is a UCS app which lets you setup and manage your Business mailbox.org accounts.


FUAGO is available during all stages of the process. We support you during planning, setup and we advise on Upselling and Changes during runtime.

We start with a technical Kickoff Workshop. Provide you with Product descriptions and Best-Practices. FUAGO also helps you to identify your individual growth opportunities. An Account Manager will be available for our customers.


We offer different Support Packages depending on your needs.

Our motto: “We are ready to help.”

Customer Success

As your success is our success, we support you on all levels.

Deployment Options

  • Cloud
  • On Premise
  • Self-Hosted

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