Dovecot Pro

OX Dovecot Pro is optimized for use with OX App Suite, and using the two products in combination allows you to give your users three levels of security: secure storage, secure transmission, and protection against webmail abuse.

The IMAP server scales dynamically in response to even the highest of loads. Its stateless design lets it scale both up and out to meet today’s most demanding of requirements. Capacity can easily be increased by simply plug in more hardware and activating additional virtual machines.

Feature List

  • Native Full-Text Search
  • Object and Archive Storage
  • Dovecot Migration Framework
  • Customized Provisioning
  • OX Dovecot Pro Lawful Interception
  • OX Abuse Shield
  • Optimization and Certification for OX App Suite and OXaaS

OX App Suite and Dovecot Pro

Both OX Dovecot Pro and OX App Suite are strong on their own, but even better together. Various innovative OX App Suite features and functions are based on OX Dovecot Pro.

What are Dovecot Pro benefits?

  • Dynamic scalability – support for scaling up and out as required
  • Completely stateless design, to ensure availability at all times
  • Object-storage-based geo-replication and intelligent caching 
  • Dovecot full-text search, saving up to 70% on storage requirements
  • A migration framework to support smooth transitions


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