OpenTalk continues where other video conferencing systems stop. It offers many extra features that promote collaboration and are fun to use.


  • Group rooms (Break-out)
  • Sub-conferences (sub-room meetings)
  • Meetings with multiple hosts/moderators
  • Audit-proof voting mechanism
  • High scalability
  • Integration
  • Open interfaces and SSO
  • Data protection and confidentiality

Video conferencing reinvented

Video conferences can be so much more than just videos and sound. They can be fun and productive when participants get motivated and moderators are supported by useful features, so that everyone feels comfortable in their role. Sophisticated and user-friendly features such as meetings that can be run by multiple hosts, an automated speaker line-up, audit-proof voting, breakout rooms, sub-room meetings, and a dashboard for conference scheduling all ensure that your digital collaboration works as effectively as it should.

The people behind OpenTalk

The competent team of the Heinlein Group, who also run the e-mail provider and look back at 30 years of experience in the design and operation of secure electronic communication. OpenTalk has been developed from the ground up as open source software with a modern IT architecture. Modern, stable, user-friendly, and secure.


OpenTalk adapts flexibly to your needs and can be run as a stand-alone solution or also inte- grated as a component into an existing platform, thanks to its open interfaces. OpenTalk can be operated either within your own infrastructure (on-prem) or accessed on our servers in Germany (SaaS). OpenTalk fully implements the requirements of secrecy protection and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Good digital communication must be independent, con- fidential and well thought out. And that is exactly how we designed OpenTalk: as a secure alternative to established video conferencing solutions, for true data autonomy.

Peer Heinlein CEO of OpenTalk

We already look back on many years of cooperation with the team behind OpenTalk and are convinced that OpenTalk is a great alternative as a secure, privacy-compliant and scalable video conferencing solution based on open source. Accordingly, we are very excited about the partnership and are now looking for more resellers.

Sascha Zucca Director of Sales, FUAGO

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