Why OX Cloud?

Email is relevant for all businesses.

OX Cloud is a professional email and productivity platform. It delivers a rich and powerful email experience that your end-users deserve.

OX Cloud products are Open Source.

OX Cloud adheres to the strongest data protection standards worldwide; customers data will never be sold or used for our own gain.

OX Cloud is highly competitive, desirable and scalable.

Keep your customers and your business! Maintain a strong business and a healthy positioning by avoiding dependency on Microsoft and Google.

Available Packages

Mail Essentials

  • 0,5 GB Storage included (Book more, if needed)
  • OX Mail
  • OX Calendar
  • OX Address Book
  • OX Tasks
  • OX Portal
  • Essential Security


  • 1 GB Storage included (Book more, if needed)
  • Everything Mail Essentials
  • OX Drive
  • OX Documents
  • Email Undelete

Advanced Security

  • 2 GB Storage included (Book more, if needed)
  • Everything Productivity
  • Mail and Document Encryption
  • Safe Unsubscribe Service
  • Real-time Anti-Phising

Feature Overview

Feature Comparison

FeaturesEmail EssentialsProductivityAdvanced Security
Storage0,5 GB1 GB2 GB
Ad-free EmailYesYesYes
Unlimited Mail FiltersYesYesYes
50 Email AliasesYesYesYes
Email ForwardingYesYesYes
Spam Filter and Anti-VirusYesYesYes
Rich WebmailYesYesYes
Sync Across DevicesYesYesYes
One-Click Migration ToolYesYesYes
Shared Calendar, Contacts and TasksYesYesYes
Email UndeleteYesYes
OX Drive Apps for iOS and AndroidYesYes
OX Documents including Text, Spreadsheet and PresentationYesYes
Email and File EncryptionYes
Email SigningYes
Real-Time Anti-PhisingYes
Safe Unsubscribe ServiceYes

Feature Details

Ad-Free EmailEnjoy an ad-free email experience.
Mail FiltersEmail filters allow you to better organize your emails. You can create filters to redirect emails to specific categories or folders.
Email AliasesAn email alias allows you to create other email addresses that will forward incoming messages to your primary email address without having to pay additional fees or setup additional email boxes.
Email ForwardingForward your incoming emails to another email address.
Spam Filter and Anti-Virus ProtectionThis feature protects you from downloading any viruses and malware when you send and receive email. The OX Cloud technology runs on artificial intelligence-based security rule engines which securely defend against spam, viruses, phishing, and malware.
Rich WebmailAccess to your email from anywhere via a web browser on any computer or device.
Sync across DevicesSync emails, calendar invites and contacts across all devices.
One-Click Migration ToolA simple tool that allows you to migrate your emails, calendar invites and contacts from another email provider to OX Cloud.
Shared Calendar, Contacts and TasksShare your calendar, contacts and tasks with others on your team and control who can view and edit your data with permissions management.
Email UndeleteEasily recover messages that have been permanently deleted.
OX Drive Apps for iOS and AndroidOX Drive is a cloud-based storage solution that allows you to sync, store and share documents, pictures and other media. Apps are available for iOS and Android.
OX Text, Spreadsheet and PresentationFully integrated office suite of applications that supports other editors and formats, including .docx, .xlsx and .pptx files, so there is no need to worry about compatibility.
Email EncryptionEmail encryption allows you to send and receive secure pgp encrypted emails, with just one click.
File EncryptionEasily encrypt files for additional privacy.
Email SigningEmail signing offers another layer of security by providing assurance to the recipient that you—not an imposter – signed the contents of the email message. It also signals to the recipient that the content has not been altered in transit.
Real-Time Anti-PhisingReal-time Anti-phishing uses a powerful artificial intelligence engine that detects suspicious links in your emails and will automatically move them to your spam folder. However, sometimes these attacks are sophisticated and still land in your inbox. If you click on the link, OX Cloud will perform another scan to detect and warn you of a phishing attack which adds an additional layer of protection.
Safe UnsubscribeClicking on an unsubscribe link in a spam email might confirm to spammers that your email address is active and could result in even more spam. Anytime you receive an unwanted email in your inbox you should use the “Mark as spam” button. If the email is a newsletter, the Safe Unsubscribe notification will appear and with one click from you, we take care of unsubscribing you from the newsletter.

Define your own packages

As a OX Cloud Reseller you are free to create your own packages and pricing.

Start with Mail only and add Productivity later. Define how much storage is included in your packages and use the upsell mechanism to sell more.

Manage your clients

OX Cloud by FUAGO comes with the FUAGO Cloud Connector, a provisioning tool which lets you manage your clients.

Add new clients, define packages and pricing, add mail domains and contexts and manage end users.

Your clients can use the FCC to manage their end users.

It’s up to you how much service you offer to your clients.


With OX Cloud and our FCC provisioning platform, FUAGO can now offer partners a secure, modern and fully integrated email and collaboration suite as a cloud solution. As a result, our resellers can start marketing immediately and at an attractive price point. There is no complex in-house implementation and GDPR-compliance is inherent, based on German data centers.

Sascha Zucca Director of Sales, Fuago GmbH

With OX Cloud we are expanding our long-term partnership with FUAGO, which is ideally placed to deliver the feature-rich fully hosted cloud email and collaboration platform as a real open alternative to the hyperscale players. Based on proven technology, OX Cloud is easy to provision and use, and can help drive profitable and sustainable email opportunities for companies of all sizes.

Frank Hoberg Co-founder and Chief Sales Officer at Open-Xchange

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